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## User Agreement ### 1\. ABOUT THIS AGREEMENT 1.1 This Agreement is a contract between you and GOG sp. z o.o., ul. Jagiellońska 74, 03-301 Warsaw, Poland (we will further call ourselves "GOG") and applies to, your GOG user account, the GOG Downloader, GOG Galaxy, any games or videos or other content which you purchase or access via us, the GOG web forums, GOG customer and technical support and other services we provide to you (we'll just call all this "GOG services" for short). 1.2 Also, when we're talking about games, in-game content, virtual items or currency or GOG videos or other content which you can purchase or access via GOG services, we’ll just call them "GOG games" or "GOG videos" respectively and when we talk about them all together they are "GOG content". Simple, eh? Oh, and one more thing – what we say in this Agreement covers our Privacy Policy too (you can read it [here](, so the Privacy Policy is part of this Agreement. 1.3 GOG works with trusted partners, including our related company CD PROJEKT S.A., developers and publishers, payment providers, customer service software providers and others („Partners") – more on them later in this Agreement. 1.4 If you're over 18, then welcome to! If you're between 13 and 18 (or whatever is the age of adulthood in your country), before we extend an equally warm welcome, please ask your parent or guardian to review and approve this Agreement on your behalf (because in some countries people under a certain age cannot legally enter into contracts like this Agreement). Legally, children below 13 cannot have a GOG account (but their parents/guardians are welcome to sign up themselves). ### 2\. USING GOG.COM AND GOG CONTENT 2.1 We give you and other GOG users the personal right (known legally as a 'licence') to use GOG services and to download and/or stream (depending on the content) and use GOG content. This licence is for your personal use. We can stop or suspend this licence in some situations, which are explained later on. 2.2 When you buy or install GOG games, you might have to agree to additional contract terms with the developer/publisher of the game (e.g. they might ask you to agree to a game specific End User Licence Agreement). If there is any inconsistency or dispute between those ‘EULAs’ and this Agreement, then this Agreement wins. 2.3 With GOG videos, you can also stream purchased video content or download it to watch the way you want. 2.4 Using certain third party scripts is recommended for your full use of functionality and, although that usage is optional, we cannot promise full service performance without them. 2.5 A quick word about GOG Galaxy, which is our (optional) online service which not only allows you to buy and access GOG content but also provides online multiplayer and other cool game features like achievements, chat and game-time tracking. You can learn more about it [here]( ### 3\. GOG ACCOUNTS 3.1 To buy GOG content from GOG services, and in some cases to play/use GOG content where our partners require use of a GOG account, you will need to set up a GOG account. This will involve creating a password (which is encrypted so we can’t access it) and a username, plus giving us (for identification purposes) your email address. Please make sure your login credentials are kept secure and your account is used properly. In your GOG Account settings you can also optionally set your country of residence, birthday and avatar. Our Privacy Policy gives more detail about the information we collect from you and how we use it and protect it. It's at [Privacy Policy]( 3.2 You can use your GOG account to set up a public profile accessible by other people. You can also use your GOG account to connect with other GOG users. Please act sensibly and remember you are responsible for your own actions 3.3 Your GOG account and GOG content are personal to you and cannot be shared with, sold, gifted or transferred to anyone else. Your access to and use of them is subject to GOG’s rules which are set out [here](, as updated or amended when necessary. ### 4\. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 4.1 Because gives you access to many different games created at different times, we cannot give you one set of system requirements for all GOG services or GOG content. 4.2 What we can tell you is that using any GOG game will require an appropriate operating system (please refer to the relevant GOG product page) with all service packs and important updates installed on it. All GOG games should be natively installed on a computer that meets or exceeds the minimum hardware and software specifications shown on the GOG product page. GOG games are not tested on virtual machine software and therefore we do not support playing through them. 4.3 For GOG videos, please make sure your video player supports the videos’ format specified in the GOG product page. 4.4 If you have questions about system requirements, please contact us at [here]( Just so we're clear, you are responsible for making sure you have sufficient Internet access to download purchased GOG games or GOG videos from us or to stream GOG videos and that your system can play GOG games and watch GOG videos. ### 5\. BETAS 5.1 As develops, we may offer you optional access to 'beta' versions of GOG software or services (e.g. new versions of the GOG Galaxy client made available prior to its general release) or GOG content (more on that later) Here are the rules: * a) We (or any applicable publisher/partner) will set the conditions and requirements for your beta access. Providing and maintaining a beta, and who can use a beta, is at our discretion. * b) You may be required to go through a registration process or other requirements to access the beta (and this may include you meeting eligibility criteria). * c) Betas will be time-limited and there may be extra contract requirements. * d) The beta may involve temporary or permanent server/progress/content wipes, resets or amendments. * e) The beta may be subject to confidentiality restrictions (which will be notified to you in advance if so). * f) You may be invited to participate in a feedback process regarding the beta – this is totally optional but would be really valued. * g) The beta is for your use and enjoyment, so you must not sell, loan or otherwise transfer it to anyone else. * h) The point of you getting beta access is to allow you to try something new, but we would expect you to recognise that it will not be complete yet. Therefore betas will be provided 'as is' without any additional promises from us or any liability on us if it is not complete or does not work fully or causes issues. Betas may not be totally feature-complete and there may be feature changes, modifications or removals during the beta. We may provide access to GOG content in beta/pre-release form. For example, a publisher/partner may decide to release a game or a part of it in beta, or may join our ‘Games in Development’ program (see section 7.5-7.7. below). Any such GOG content will also be governed by these rules unless the relevant publisher specififes its own rules (which will prevail over these rules). ### 6\. PAYING FOR GOG CONTENT AND GETTING REFUNDS **Paying for GOG content** 6.1 Surprise surprise, after you decide that you like a GOG game, GOG video or other GOG content, you usually will need to pay for it before you can access it (though we do have some free content too!) You can pay in different ways: (i) using a valid debit or credit card; or (ii) using PayPal or any other authorised payment providers. Keep your payment details secure. 6.2 When you use a payment method to buy GOG content, we're relying on your promise that you're able to use that method. You are responsible for any purchases made using your GOG account or payment method and you agree to the pricing, payment and billing policies applicable to them, as notified to you at the time of purchase. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable except as expressly provided in this Agreement. Kids – your parent or guardian needs to approve any purchase you make. 6.3 You can always pay for GOG content in US Dollars. However if you happen to live in countries where your local currency is supported (see our Support section [here]( pricing-and-promos) for details), you will be able to pay in your local currency. You might have to pay a currency conversion charge if you are not paying in your home currency and some banks might also add other kinds of transaction fees. 6.4. All prices are visible in the product catalogue page. They’re inclusive of legally applicable sales taxes/VAT. **GOG Wallet** 6.5 GOG offers users a digital account balance called the "GOG Wallet" in connection with your user account, which you can use to make purchases of GOG content. Funds can be added to it in two ways: (i) using your chosen payment method; or (ii) by us as part of our ‘Free Wallet’ program (see below). The GOG Wallet is made available subject to rules which are set out on our GOG Wallet page [here]( Wallet). **Free Wallet and Bonus Codes** 6.6 In some situations we may be able to offer you a credit to your GOG account which you can redeem against GOG purchases (we’ll call this "Free Wallet"). For example, as we explain in section 6.9 we may offer GOG Wallet funds in connection with our Fair Pricing policy in some situations. We may also issue time-limited bonus codes which give you free or reduced price access to GOG content (we’ll call them "Bonus Codes"). 6.7 If you receive Free Wallet or Bonus Codes when you buy GOG content but later decide to return that GOG content, then we think it’s fair for you to return the Free Wallet or Bonus Codes too. Therefore, we will: (i) remove from your GOG account any unused Free Wallet which you received because of that GOG content; (ii) if you have used any of that Free Wallet to purchase other GOG content, then we will deduct the amount of that used Free Wallet from your refund; and (iii) for Bonus Codes, we will terminate it or, if it has been redeemed for a GOG game, that game will be removed from your account. 6.8 Free Wallet and Bonus Codes are subject to our GOG Wallet rules (see section 6.5 above). Free Wallet is valid for one year unless it is mixed with any GOG Wallet funds obtained with real money, in which case the total balance will not have any expiry date until that total balance is reduced to zero (at which point the process resets again). **Fair Pricing** 6.9. We stand by the simple truth that $1 does not equal 1€ - we are trying to apply fair conversion rates. In a perfect world we would apply the same method of pricing to all of the games we offer. However, things are a little bit more complicated, and there are some games in our catalogue that follow a different region-based pricing scheme. However, we wouldn't be if we didn't find a way to make it right by the users who end up paying relatively more for such titles. Here's where the Fair Price Package comes in! 6.10. The Fair Price Package applies to all of the titles which we couldn't include in our standard pricing scheme. If you end up paying more for a game in your local currency than its US price, we'll refund you the difference out of our own pocket. The refunded value will be added to your GOG Wallet in the currency of your purchase. You'll be getting GOG Wallet funds that you can use to purchase anything on or partially pay for an item that's more expensive. GOG Wallet funds will be credited to your GOG account in the currency in which you bought the relevant GOG content (e.g. if you bought a game in US Dollars, any GOG Wallet funds regarding it will be in US Dollars). These GOG wallet funds will be subject to our ‘Free Wallet’ special rule on duration (see section 6.7). 6.11. Please treat this system sensibly and don't exploit it (for example by using VPNs or other methods to manipulate how your location appears) – that's not cool. ### 7\. REFUNDS AND RETURNS **Statutory refund rights** 7.1. If you are a resident of the European Union or other applicable jurisdictions (excluding the USA), then you have the statutory right to withdraw from a purchase of GOG content within 14 days of your purchase, without giving a reason. However, this does not apply where you have expressly consented to the performance of the GOG content (which is digital content) beginning immediately upon conclusion of the purchase process and have acknowledged the loss of your withdrawal rights. 7.2. Neither this nor any other part of this User Agreement affects your statutory rights. **Our Voluntary Returns Guarantee** 7.3. We understand that sometimes a purchase doesn't turn out how you expected and we want to be fair to GOG users. So here's our deal with you: * a) **Preorders Refund:** if you preorder and pay for a GOG game, you can cancel the preorder and get a full refund as long as we receive a valid request before the game's full release date on * b) **Early Exchange:** you can exchange validly purchased GOG content for a replacement GOG game or video of equal or lower value if your request is made within 30 days of the original purchase, provided the original GOG content has not been downloaded, used or streamed. (For GOG content purchased during discount periods, the discounted price applies.) You can exchange specific GOG content once only. You can’t exchange GOG content you received as an exchange for other GOG content. * c) **Money back guarantee:** if you buy any GOG content and have significant technical issues with it (e.g. there is a major show stopper bug in a game that prevents you from finishing it), we will give you a full refund if all the following requirements are met: * (i) You must have genuine significant technical issues with the GOG content. * (ii) You need to contact GOG Customer Support to request the refund within 30 days of the original purchase (if you received it from a GOG-authorised exchange for another product, then the 30 day period starts running from the date of exchange). * (iii) GOG Customer Support must have a reasonable time period in which to try to resolve the issue before they process the refund to you. * d) **Withdrawal Right:** we give you the right to withdraw from a purchase of GOG content without charge and for any reason within 30 days after you bought that GOG content, IF it has not been downloaded, streamed, activated or used in any way before then. If any of those things happen then your withdrawal right is lost. * 7.4 **Final sale:** a sale is considered final either 30 days after purchase or when you try to download the GOG content or any additional/bonus content. Once either of those happens, you no longer will have any return, exchange or refund options unless you have technical issues covered by paragraph (c) above. Virtual items/currency and GOG Wallet funds are not covered by this section 7 and we cannot therefore offer refund, early exchange, money back guarantee or withdrawal rights regarding them. **Games in Development** 7.5 GOG is releasing games that are still in development (such games are referred to herein as ‘games in development’). This gives you the opportunity to try out new and carefully selected games while they are still unfinished. For more information, see the [games in development FAQ]( development). 7.6 Just to be clear, these really are games in development: there may well be incomplete features or gameplay bugs, errors and other problems.




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