The Static Report

  // The file name or URL of the originally submitted sample.
  "target": "evil.exe",

  // The files that are available from the submitted sample that are avaialble
  // for analysis. There is always at least one file available.
  // If an archive was uploaded, an entry for each file in the archive is
  // contained in this array. An entry for the archive itself is also present.
  "files": [
      // The name of the sample file or file contained in an archive.
      "filename": "evil.exe",

      // The size of the file in bytes.
      "filesize": 3514368,

      // Various hashes of the file's contents.
      "md5": "84c82835a5d21bbcf75a61706d8ab549",
      "sha1": "5ff465afaabcbf0150d1a3ab2c2e74f3a4426467",
      "sha256": "ed01ebfbc9eb5bbea545af4d01bf5f1071661840480439c6e5babe8e080e41aa",
      "sha512": "90723a50c20ba3643d625595fd6be8dcf88d70ff7f4b4719a88f055d5b3149a4231018ea30d375171507a147e59f73478c0c27948590794554d031e7d54b7244",

      // The file extensions that this file could have.
      "exts": [

      // Tags are used to find compatible environments to run this sample in.
      "tags": [

      // The number of archives that needed to be unpacked in order to extract
      // this file.
      "depth": 0,

      // The file kind. Either "file", "archive" or "url".
      "kind": "file",

      // The selected bit indicates whether this file has been deemed
      // interesting enough to analyse.
      "selected": true,

      // The path to this sample. If a custom selection of files should be
      // used, this is the property that should be used.
      "relpath": "../sample"

  // The number of archives that have been unpacked.
  "unpack_count": 0,

  // The number of archives that could not be unpacked.
  "error_count": 0